Social Responsibility


  • We sponsor many local community organisations and events
  • We are a significant local employer, and employment has grown by a factor of several times under our ownership
  • We offer hotel facilities without charge for community groups, and our function room is well used especially for committee meetings and the like
  • We welcome families (including a childrens’ quiet play area), and do not allow anti-social behaviour.  We strive to be a safe, welcoming hotel, and have excellent relations with local police.


  • We use free range chicken (Lilydale) and Eggs (Little Yarra Valley Free Range Eggs)
  • We source as much as possible from local suppliers listed below - produce, wines, coffee, soaps, spirits, beer and cider
  • We try to ensure we source sustainable products

Climate Change

  • To date we have installed 100 solar panels providing approx. 27KW of solar power, and have plans for more
  • We attempt to source as much as possible locally reducing transport impacts - see supplier list below
  • We have updated major hotel appliances to be more efficient
  • As we have made improvements to the hotel, lighting has been switched to more efficient options, particularly LED
  • Despite Alexandra being off mains gas, hot water has moved to LPG


  • We use paper straws and encourage customers not to use straws
  • We utilise paper/carboard take away containers
  • We separate cardbaord; glass, cans, plastic and other recyclables; food waste; and general waste.
  • While organic waste services are not available in Alexandra, food scraps are separated and taken home to chickens, stock and pets
  • We have recently invested in a cardboard baler to improve efficiency of carboard recycling, and to ensure that the cardboard waste is recycled


  • We do not and will not offer poker machines, a TAB, ticket machines and other forms of gaming


  • We love the history and heritage of our 150 year old hotel and this town, and have made real efforts to preserve and present the history
  • We have used Council heritage consultants prior to making improvements, and retained our own to ensure we are preserving things of significance
  • History boards adorn the front of the hotel and in ternal rooms.  Accomodation rooms have history notes in picture frames pointing out features of significance

Local Suppliers

Our local suppliers include:

Goulburn River Trout, Thornton Butcher, Dindi Soaps, Great Divide Coffee, Venns Wholesale Fruit and Vegetables, Little River Wines, Sedona Estate Wines, Little Cathedral Wines, Philip Lobley Wines, Mt Cathedral Wines, Gioiello Estate Wines, Little Yarra Valley Free Range Eggs, Koala Orchards, Mansfield Hospitality Supplies, Napoleone Brewery, Alexandra Freight Lines, Alexandra Newsagent & Lotto, Redrops Supermarket, Alexandra Grain Store, Yenkens Hardware, Casa Di Flora, Travis Capp Plumbing, Jay Williams Electrical, Hedger Constructions, Maloney Home Maintenance, Alexandra Refrigeration, Heard Glass, Custom Canvas.