Our History

The Corner Hotel Alexandra

(formerly The Commercial Hotel Alexandra prior to 2016 - check out the link under News at the foot of this webpage for background)

Good Food. Good Service. Great Community.

The historic Corner Hotel Alexandra is a family hotel on the main corner of Alexandra township.  

It has been lovingly restored in recent years under heritage advice, and is now a modern and vibrant hotel with that great country pub feel, and honouring its rich history.

Today, the renovated Corner Hotel Alexandra retains its welcoming, country-pub feel. Stop in for a drink and a chat, relax over dinner with friends and family, pick up some local wine or spend the night in a clean and relaxed country hotel.

Alexandra is rich in history. The district started as a pastoral area when Victoria was established and then gold was discovered in Alexandra in 1866. Within months the township of Alexandra sprang up where previously there had just been a red gate between pastoral properties (Alexandra was originally known as Redgate or The Red Gate Diggings).

Many of Alexandra's historical buildings and streetscape have been well preserved.

Within a few years 22 hotels existed in Alexandra to serve the thirsty miners, and The Corner Hotel Alexandra was one of the first buildings in the town and is located on the most prominent site in the township. After burning down in 1872 (taking the whole east side of Grant St with it and resulting in the establishment of the district’s first Rural Fire Brigade), the hotel was rebuilt in 1973 as one of the first substantial stone buildings in the township.

The Corner Hotel was renamed the Commercial Hotel in 1915. The name change was an appeal to commercial travellers who typically travelled by train to country towns and stayed in hotels, reflecting the importance of the Commercial Hotel Alexandra as a civic and business hub for the township. The name was changed back to The Corner Hotel Alexandra in August 2016.

An photograph from early 20th Century.


Hotel and Memorial, pre1935.

Photograph of the hotel taken in 1917.

In the 1930s the current California Bungalow influenced verandah and balcony was added to the hotel, replacing the 1872 wrought iron balcony. The preserved 1935 changes are themselves heritage protected and behind them the hotel retains intact the main part of the original 1870s building (and 1890s additions).

The main bar has a sand blasted glass feature window displaying the first Eildon Weir wall, which was once one of 2 feature windows (the other lost over time), introduced in the 1950s to celebrate the expansion of Eildon Reservoir as mmany engineers and others stayed in the hotel for many months.

The hotel occupies the most important corner site of Alexandra, on the corner of Grant and Downey Streets. This main intersection links the Maroondah Highway with the Goulburn Valley Highway, which originally followed the Goulburn River to Jamieson.

Alexandra provided an important link with the Upper Goulburn as far as Darlingford and Jamieson until the first Eildon Weir flooded this valley in 1929. The hotel was located on the beginning of this route, and provided an important staging post for road transport that connected with the railway that served Alexandra until the 1970s. This route served the main mining towns along the Goulburn River, and also from Jamieson to Woods Point.

Some of the key historical features of The Corner Hotel Alexandra are:

  • The entirely preserved and heritage protected 1930s verandah and balcony
  • The original 1870s staircase and feature mirror and other mid Victorian features of the original and intact 1890s part of the hotel, e.g. original Baltic pine floorboards, steel structural bracing, ceiling features in accommodation, etc.
  • The 1950s feature window of the original Eildon Weir, now presented in a light box in the hotel foyer
  • The upper floor pressed metal representation of brickwork along Downey St and the rear of the hotel from 1890s additions
  • The original 1930s tin roof, retaining the 1870s roof vents and chimneys